To ‘re’ or not to ‘re’

“What do you have against theatres?”

“Not ‘theatres’, I don’t have anything against theatre or theaters. Just the spelling. ‘re’ versus ‘er’. Makes me nuts.”

“Why? Both are correct, right?”

“Technically, yes. Lots of words have a couple of acceptable spellings. That’s not my point.”

“And that is…”

(sigh) “I know the common use is with an ‘re,’ but I think that should only be used when speaking of the art. ‘Er’ should only refer to the building.”

“Kind-of a pointy-toed logic you got there, but I get it.”

“I know, sorry. I’m a total nerd like that. Anyway, you were saying you want to see that new Mexican film?”

“Yeah! Veinticinco Ovejas por El Pastor Jesus. It’s playing at the Guild 45th Movie Theater. They even spell it with an ‘er’ “

Prompts this week are: veinticinco; pointy toes; what do you have against theatres?

2 thoughts on “To ‘re’ or not to ‘re’

  1. How do they count them all without falling asleep?
    I picked up the theatre spelling when I was living abroad. Sometimes I write programme, favourite and colour as well. I do this unconciously and my spell checkers seem to accept both from me. Probably because I have been doing it for so long.
    I like the points you bring up especially the difference between the art form and the building.
    Gracias – you made me think.

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    1. Caffeine and computer games just before bedtime.
      BTW…it’s just my opinion. I’ve yet to come across any official definition/spelling. I’ve seen as many buildings go with ‘re’ as performance orgs that go with ‘er’.
      ‘Round these parts, folks would assume you are Canadian with your peculiar way of spelling. 😉

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