PNW Coronavirus Chronicle #3: Home, Sweet Home…needs a decorator!

Another unforeseen critical situation in all of this is the mass hysteria interior decorators must be going through. Have you seen the TV reporters broadcasting from their living rooms, kitchens and basements? I hope we aren’t actually getting a glimpse into their private lives, because, if so, many of these people are in dire need of some taste. However glad I am to see that IKEA has done as well as they have, I am at the same time mortified at the extreme state of unoriginality and lack of imagination. There might be a scourge worse than a virus for which there is not yet a vaccination: Color and Design Blindness, or CDB. I wrote my congress representative to insist a course in art appreciation be added to the Cares Act.

When I started this post, I was on a directive to work from home “as much as possible.” Shortly thereafter, while I was out running “essential” errands (read: picking up my prescriptions), I got a text that a co-worker and his wife tested positive. New directive: Quarantine for 2 weeks (btw…neither required hospitalization, and both are on their way back to health, recovering at home).

The news waxes on about people battling isolation, cabin fever, and chaos, as people try to figure out how to work from home while learning the hard way how to also be a homeschool educator. But there are people like me, now that I’m passed cabin fever, who are loving the new world order. You won’t see us on TV, though. We’re not about to solicit any sympathies. We are, firstly, healthy, still employed and not on the front lines in the hospitals, M.A.S.H. units or care centers. Next, we are single, no children, no one else who needs us to look after them, and under orders from our employer, our city and our state to shelter in place. Coronavirus is awful. Truly. I do not mean to be glib. But, my life at the moment? Not that bad.

The epitome of a lonely walk on a sunny day for me:

2 thoughts on “PNW Coronavirus Chronicle #3: Home, Sweet Home…needs a decorator!

    1. Me ain’t poor, no sirree! Me as rich as Croesus, or there ’bouts. Got me all I’s needs in this ol’ world, yessir!
      Thanks for the compliment. Hope you and yours are happy, safe, warmly swaddled in the comfort of family, and above all, healthy.
      May we all live…er, um…I will rephrase: So, here we all are, living in interesting times.

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