End of a good read ennui

My mostly loose take (and, believe it or not, a true tale) on the past 2 weeks of Un-OLWG prompts

I finished a good summer read recently, and now have that peculiar ennui that comes from wishing a wonderful group of characters didn’t have to take their story and go. The author of this particular book deftly revealed a pretty serious subject with such empathy and generosity, that I felt warm and comforted, regardless all the trials, tribulations and gritty circumstances. I even hated that the woman who created fake twenty dollar bills and who stole the last bit of cash the protagonist had in the world had to leave the story.

Coming to the end of a good book is like being out on a lovely drive through the countryside on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, only to come to a full stop in some sort of cul de sac. Do you re-read the book right away, or do you go looking for another by the same author? Maybe choose a similar story by someone else? Or, maybe go looking for a TV or movie adaption?

I can never start another book for at least a couple of weeks after I’ve finished one that swept me away. I have to first stop wondering what the next chapters of the story might be, and then let the characters I came to love, go. In the meantime, like some sad-sack jilted lover, I wish the story never had to end.

(long sigh)

Prompts are: counterfeit twenty dollar bills; soft and low; written in books; let me go; a cul de sac; the way things sometimes are.

2 thoughts on “End of a good read ennui

  1. I know that feeling. That sense of loss when the story ends. The characters that you love and/or hate walking out of your life without so much as a goodbye or even a simple wave of the hand.
    Thanks Ms Rose, Thanks a bunch

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