4 thoughts on “Working Girl in a Highlands kind of way

  1. Did you know?! There’s a calendar of young, buff boys in kilts pictured in “famous” Scottish locales? I mean, first, the video of yoga presented by buff boys in kilts (and no undies… oh, ye buns of such glory!), but then a men of kilts no shirts calendar?
    (btw…this is where we *swoon*)
    Yes, T…God is in His heaven, and all is right in the world.
    (Except, you know, for C-19 and BLM and ICB and another catastrophic economic collapse and climate change and then there’s coming up on 20 years after 9/11 with no end in sight…)

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  2. Fun read and pic.
    As for the world turns… only so much ‘doom-scrolling’ I can do.
    Gotta believe that something good will come out of each disaster.
    So many good stories of people helping each other. One was a gal who found a dollar on the street. Won $100 and donated it to her local Police. They intern set up a go fund me page for her! Raised some funds for her to help pay rent and buy food.

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