The Un-OLWG prompts are (and, attached to this story): Let them go; bulbous; bandit cash

The canvas bag on the floor behind Mandy bulged with the stacks of cash. She kept her eyes on the road, kept tabs on who was behind her through the rearview mirror, and kept her speed steady with the traffic. So far, so good.

How much time she had before anyone put it together that she and the cash were gone, Mandy could not tell. If she were lucky, the first thing that anyone noticed was that she was gone. That would buy her more hours, maybe even an extra day.

The trick was this: once Danny discovered the cash was gone, he would immediately go looking for her. Then Mandy would be racing against the clock.

The whole thing was a wild risk and Mandy’s eyes welled up with tears as she thought of her kids. She was desperate for her plan to play out as designed. If it worked, she could see her kids; be a part of their lives again. She could live life in the open once again.

The exit sign ahead indicated a Rest Stop. She looked at the time. Ahead of schedule, which was a good thing. Mandy pulled off the freeway to call Christopher Morriston.

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