Mask Up! It’s Halloween!

Since we all have to continue keep our distance, I decided to bring the outdoor spooky folk inside this year. They are great company, I must say.

4 thoughts on “Mask Up! It’s Halloween!

  1. Got away from celebrating the holiday. I don’t even hand out candy.
    But then I don’t celebrate many holidays these days.

    As a teen we used to host costume parties. And I’ve been to a few as an adult too.
    One year I took off my glasses and wore a short black haired wig – I still have the wig.
    I used it when I dressed up for a masked company dinner. I went all out – not many brought their own masks. I thought hmmm…. masquerade that ought to be fun. It was one of the better rubber chicken dinners I attended. 🙂

    If I lived closer and had someone to go with I might dress up for the Renaissance Faire… but alas my hubby is not a dress up kinda guy. It might even be interesting to go to some kind of Comic-con. A few years back we had a Steam Punk convention in the area. Now that I think would also be fun… I always did like the show “The Wild, Wild West.”

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    1. For a few years I worked for an organization associated with a historical society that held its annual gala around Halloween. Those events were so much fun because costumes were required. I live in a condo, so no trick-or-treaters, but I have fun helping a sister decorate her front door with a couple of characters pictured here. We have dinner and answer the door when kids stop by (not many, as their neighborhood is sort of removed). Always enjoy Halloween, but not this year. Weird and sad. Weird and sad will have to define Thanksgiving and Christmas, too.

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      1. One year for our front door (we had a glass panel screen door – top half) I covered it with brown paper… but before I did that I cut out some white paper ghosts… but one of them I cut the eyes out of. When the children came to the door I’d walk up and put my eyes in the holes and wait for someone to find my moving eyes… 👀

        That of course was when my own were much much younger.



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