Fun House of Nightmares and Pancakes

Gareth woke and rolled over on his side. He stared at Abbie, soundly asleep, as the scene from his nightmare dissipated. This is real, he whispered.

He slowly sat up, not wanting to disturb his girlfriend, and looked around his bedroom. This is real, he whispered again. He hunched over and closed his eyes. Nothing but blackness. He lay down and drifted back into sleep.

The smell of coffee and bacon roused him the next morning. Abbie, of course. She just gets it. No better way to overcome a bad night than a large breakfast. Thick strips of bacon, fried eggs over-easy, on top crispy hash browns and Tabasco sauce dribbled over all of it. Gareth took in a deep breath. And sourdough biscuits, or maybe pancakes?

He asked Abbie once how she knew. She said something casual, like she just felt like it, but she lied. Gareth’s mother. Whatever. Only one of the many smoke and mirrors games couples sometimes play with their relationship.

UnOLWG prompts this week: she just gets it; she lies; all done with mirrors

7 thoughts on “Fun House of Nightmares and Pancakes

  1. I used to work with a young Welshman named Gareth. Gareth Evans, to be precise. As soon as I read the name of your protagonist, I could only picture him in the story. He was a big kid, just over two metres tall; maybe 18 stone. Had island sized paws and couldn’t keep a girlfriend. Your Gareth seems a bit more grounded. I like him and I like Abbie.
    Thank you

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    1. You used ‘Trevor’ recently. First time I heard that name was when my father told me it’s what he wanted to name me were I a boy. The name will forever be associated with my dad as a result. A co-worker tells the funny story of how difficult it was to come up with a name for their kids because her wife, a teacher, has strong associations with so many of her students’ names. BTW…how many stones in a pound? I’ve never known.


  2. Some couples are smart enough to not ask questions that shouldn’t be asked. The past is the past and should stay that way if it isn’t your together past. Especially in regards to relationships.

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