The Blog Propellant Redux #9

I used to maintain a writing prompt blog called The Blog Propellent. It was a lot of fun and these days, fun is what we need! Every so often, I will repost former TBP or WP prompts, or maybe a new one.

The point is this: Write a post! Fiction, poetry, even a true story based on the following prompt. When you are done, include the URL address of this post in your post. Simple! All those who read this post will have a link to your post, and all those who read your post will have a link this one. More readers = more followers (so they say). Regardless, it is fun to share.

This week’s prompt:

During the holidays, stories are fantastic. Even the dull and routine undergo a fanciful transformation, like the winter storm that dumps tons of snow causing widespread disruption, horrible car wrecks, and hours of backbreaking labor, magically becomes

* “The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow / Gave a lustre of midday to objects below…”

So, as we take out our  garlands, strings of twinkling lights, glittering wreaths, Sugar Plum Fairies and Elves on Shelves from storage, let’s also take everyone on a journey through the back of our magical wardrobes into a fantastic world of miracles and wonder.

[ TNKerr detected a bit of monoku in this post. Not knowing what is a monoku, I looked it up. It is a variant of haiku: 17 or less syllables, typically in one line. Now, I don’t venture into poetry-land but I decided to analyze the post above (with the help of an online syllable calculator) and decided to try my hand at re-constructing in monoku form. For what’s it’s worth, here goes…]

Redo of Redux #9

During each and every holiday, our stories become fantastic.
Even the dull and routine undergo fanciful transformation,
like the storm that dumps buckets of snow, causing widespread disruption,
car spinouts, and hours of backbreaking labor shoveling driveways,
magically becomes a glittering winter wonderland:

“The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
Gave a lustre of midday to objects below” *

So, as we take out our garlands, strings of twinkling lights, glittering wreaths,
Sugar Plum Fairies and Elves on Shelves from our closets, let’s also
take our readers on a trip through the back of enchanted wardrobes
into a phantasmic world of marvelous imagings and wonder.

* From “A Visit from St. Nicholas“, or as it is more commonly known, Twas the Night Before Christmas.

7 thoughts on “The Blog Propellant Redux #9

    1. Hey, the fact that you can mix and match all these prompts and all their formats, and into a single story line? It’s amazing to me! Just remember: my prompts are meant to inspire, not be taken verbatim and turned in within a week. Happy Thanksgiving!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m in green bean casserole mode 🙂
        It’s the dish I’m bringing to the table this year to our small ‘pod’.

        I should start some kind of a reference sheet as sometimes I have to go back to figure out the were and when. Probably printing out the story for myself would also be helpful.

        Anytime you want the whole thing let me know – I’ve got a sort of clean copy file without all the prompt links I’ve been sending to interested folks.

        And… Thanks I am having fun with the series even though the characters have only maybe reached day four or five. 🙂

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          1. Most of the family is close… though too many to gather together at the moment. Especially since out state declared a new ‘stay away if you possibly can out of staters declaration’

            We did one zoom family reunion type thing. Odd when you have folks from different time zones. I’ve done one with the Grands. But it was kind of choppy. Could have been an issue with our end of things which we may have just gotten fixed the other day.

            I also did a zoom poetry thing with folks from different countries!

            I made my hubby laugh on a walk this morning. Since I sort of did two versions of the casserole. I told him I’d look at the package directions on the onion crunchies. And he remarked really? Basically I only use recopies as guides. So I told him; I didn’t say I’d follow the directions, only that I’d look at them!

            Enjoy your family zooming. 😀

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