The COVID Shag

Shawna frowned at her beaming husband, Carter.

“I actually got used to you with long hair.”

“Really? I thought you hated the COVID shag look. I sure did.”

“No, I said I don’t like it on me.”

“Oh. I love your hair long.”

“It itches my neck. Can’t wait to cut it.”

“But, you are waiting.”

“I’m waiting until I get vaccinated.”

“Why? If it’s bugging you, get it cut.”

“Why can’t I just do what I want, how I want, hm? You wanted to get yours cut, fine. I don’t. Not yet.”

“You going to cut it short, like always?”

“Like I said, I don’t like long hair on me.”

“I do.”

“Well, I liked you with longer hair, but you didn’t ask me.”

Shawna and Carter stared at each other, unsure what the next move should be. If there is one thing this year cooped up together demonstrated, it’s that it is best to just let the conversation freely wander around the trivial things, rather than piling them up into burning pyres of marital discontent.

“Why’d you like my hair longer?” Carter asked.

Shawna shrugged. “Oh, I guess it made you look… I don’t know… not exactly sexy, but, yeah. Sexy. Sexier.”


“Not so buttoned-up, I guess.”


“Why do you like me with long hair?”

Carter took a moment before replying. “This’ll sound weird because you’ve always had short hair. But, it makes you look… more feminine.”

“How’s that weird?”

“Well, because… OK. I’ve always thought that you’re pretty, right? Long hair makes you… different pretty.”

“Different pretty.”

Carter smiled, “Yeah, whatever that means.”

“So, you’d like me to be different.”

“No, that’s not what I said.”

“Do you want someone different?”

“Shawna, please don’t do this. We agreed. I love you just the way you are. I don’t care if your hair is short. I just happen to really like it long. That’s it. I don’t want someone different. Please, please, don’t do this.”

Shawna gave Carter a quick hug around the waist, then walked out of the room. Carter sighed. It was going to be another one of her sulky days.

The haircut prompt made me laugh. All three prompts this week are: Let it wander around; Burning pyres; I don’t like your haircut

5 thoughts on “The COVID Shag

    1. The haircut prompt not only made me laugh, it recalled two local media personalities—men—who let their hair grow earlier this year, but recently cut their hair very short. It’s how both usually cut their hair, and both are good lookin’ gents either way, but I found them more appealing with longer locks. Didn’t know what to do with the other 2 prompts until they just came together as I wrote. Always enjoy that surprise.

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  1. Oh what a fun read. One time my hubby let his hair sort of grow and we had to attend a company party. Someone thought he looked like and English professor. We are of the mind that it’s your hair do with it what you want, because I love you not your hair. But darn I haven’t had mine cut in a long time (its rather on the thin side) in a braid it is now down to my waist. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I can make a nice little ‘crown’ in the summer. In the past I was able to donate some of my hair to those places that make wigs for those in need. But there just really isn’t enough to make it worth their while to deal with what I could offer.

        My hair is so thin that even the thickest part of the braid is only about an inch wide. And well of course there is more silver and white added to it 😉

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