The New Blog Propellant Prompt #6

I used to maintain a writing prompt blog called The Blog Propellent. It was a lot of fun and these days, fun is what we need! I have re-posted several prompts, but it’s fun to come up with new ones.

Write a post: Fiction, poetry, even a true story based on the following prompt. When you are done, include the URL address of this post in your post. Simple! All those who read this post will have a link to your post, and all those who read your post will have a link this one. More readers = more followers (so they say). Regardless, it is fun to share.

This week’s prompt:

It’s proposal season at work. Lots of ideas for sessions and workshops. Every year is a trend in proposed topics. One year it’ll be Memoir. The another will be YA, another year is Mystery, and so on. Not sure why. I leave that question to the publishers.

This year’s trending topic is a fun one, and certainly one I know a couple of you enjoy, given your love of visual art and poetry: Ekphrastic poetry

Basically, an ekphrastic poem is a poem inspired by a work of art. If you’re interested in more info, Wikipedia’s Ekphrasis page is chock full, and if you do an internet search, you’ll find many sites and blogs dedicated to the topic.

Choose your own work of art, or select from the following Public Domain options (courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Open Access Collection):

Viennese Cafe: The Man of Letters
Moriz Jung, 1911
Landscape with a Waterfall
Johann Christoph Rist, 1816
In the Studio
Alfred Stevens, 1888

little tpb guy logo
I was aged about seven years
The first time that I flew
I strapped a rocket on my back
And the next thing that I knew
I could touch the clouds.
As I lifted off, went airborne
As I soared into the sky I knew then what a junkie feels
For truly hooked was I
I could touch the clouds.
The other lads played baseball
But me, I never did
I perfected my propellants
And left contrails overhead
I could touch the clouds.
I’m older now, still flyin’
Sometimes every day
I’ve got a gig with TBP
And you know what they say,
“He can touch the clouds.”
In the time I have been doing this, Working for Ms Rose,
I’ve inspired poetry
I’ve inspired prose I’ve inspired writers
To raise their voices loud
Meanwhile I’m doing what I love
Each day I touch the clouds.
(by Thom Kerr)

10 thoughts on “The New Blog Propellant Prompt #6

    1. LOVE the look on that guy! “Grrmph. Artists!” his look seems to be saying.
      BTW… I tried maintaining your line breaks in TBP Little Guy poem (an ekphrastic poem, if ever there was) , but ol’ WP isn’t fond of line breaks in captions. Hope I got it right.

      Liked by 1 person


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