My first “in person” prompt event

It wasn’t actually “in person”. It was on Zoom, but it was with live action, actual human beings. A first for me.

I truly enjoyed hearing the writers reading what they wrote. One person wrote a long lovely poem about yearning. Another wrote a very short humorous essay about sneaking Mimosas into a museum. There was a wistful piece about wide open spaces of the countryside and another essay, this one about digging a tunnel. The last piece was a humorous memoir of a honeymoon spent camping.

I’ll share the prompt with all of you (the first prompt posted here in several months!) I won’t get to hear you read your short piece, but I will, as always, enjoy reading it.

Instructions: Use at least 2 of the word and/or image prompts below in a story, poem or essay. Use both word and image prompts, if you wish. Mix and match! You have 20 minutes to write. On your mark, get set, GO!

WORD PROMPTS: orange delight; Mona Lisa; tunnel; wide open universe


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