Dear Valentine,

I don’t want to start writing again. Not yet. Too many big changes. I need to regain my footing. I’m picky that way. I need things to be just so. I need a story to tell. At the same time, I miss it. I need to make an appointment with the sandman to get something done about these heavy-hooded eyes of mine. But I’m afraid it’s more than even he can handle (sigh).

Prompts are:

  • start writing again
  • change the words
  • persnickety
  • heavy-hooded eyes
  • more than he can handle
  • at the same time
Happy Valentine’s Day! Super Bowl! Olympics!

5 thoughts on “Dear Valentine,

    1. apropos-bravo. You are truly plugged in to that rhythm of words thang, ain’t ya?
      I am facilitating a community poetry program, which is open to all ages. I got a call from a 4th grade teacher asking if it was OK if she included the call for poetry with her current social studies curriculum. Of course! We got 3 in thus far. The combination of the precious charm of the students’ “cover letters” and their poetry about a sad chapter in an NW indigenous tribe’s history is something pretty groovy. It’s touching, funny, and all-around fabulous.



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