My first “in person” prompt event

It wasn’t actually “in person”. It was on Zoom, but it was with live action, actual human beings. A first for me.

I truly enjoyed hearing the writers reading what they wrote. One person wrote a long lovely poem about yearning. Another wrote a very short humorous essay about sneaking Mimosas into a museum. There was a wistful piece about wide open spaces of the countryside and another essay, this one about digging a tunnel. The last piece was a humorous memoir of a honeymoon spent camping.

I’ll share the prompt with all of you (the first prompt posted here in several months!) I won’t get to hear you read your short piece, but I will, as always, enjoy reading it.

Instructions: Use at least 2 of the word and/or image prompts below in a story, poem or essay. Use both word and image prompts, if you wish. Mix and match! You have 20 minutes to write. On your mark, get set, GO!

WORD PROMPTS: orange delight; Mona Lisa; tunnel; wide open universe


The Blog Propellant Redux #5

I used to maintain a writing prompt blog called The Blog Propellent. It was a lot of fun and these days, fun is what we need. Once a week (or maybe once every other week) on this blog, I will repost former TBP or WP prompts, or maybe a new one.

Write a post! Fiction, poetry, even a true story. When you are done, include the URL address of this post in your post. Simple! Then all those who read this post will have a link to your post. And, all that read your post will have a link this one. More readers = more followers.

This week’s prompt:

I’ve been looking back over all my old prompts and I forgot how many Picture Prompts I posted. So, this week is a throwback to those prompts. Three images from which to select. Bonus points if you can identify the one used before!

So Many Stories, So Little Time

“Woman with Baby Fleeing Across the Moors”
by John Constabl

I look at this painting and instantly wonder, what is her story?! A myriad of ideas goes off in my mind, like a room full of phones, all ringing at once.

What is she running from, and in such a hurry she didn’t have time to put on shoes? But, she did have time to put on her bonnet and cape…? Her long shadow and practically pure white face, along with bits of her garment, indicate a very bright light behind her, but this was painted in pre-electricity era. Is she running from a fire? And, why does she look back? Is someone chasing her? Or, has someone fallen behind and she can’t see them? Is she the infant’s mother? She might not be. She could be a relative, or even a stranger. Is this a kidnapping?

I start drowning in words, unable to sort through and organize any of them into anything cohesive. If I had enough time to flesh this out, I would have many happy hours (yes, hours!) of plotting, scheming, creating …(sigh). Isn’t inspiration wonderful?

The prompts this week (other than the image) are: if I had enough; drowning in words; the phone trilled.