Welcome to LRose Weekly Prompts

Long ago and far away… around 2012… I used to maintain a writing prompt blog called The Blog Propellent.

(Drum Roll, Please…)

TBP is back!

Once a week on this blog, I will “repost” former TBP or WP prompts

(Yeah! the crowd roars)

Readers have two (that’s 2…) choices: Re-post your former response to the posts, or create a new post. The thing is, it is all about writing, so, whatever you decide … edit or write!

When you are done, include the URL address of this post at the end of your post. Simple! Then all those who read this post will have a link to your post. Here’s why that is important: More readers = more followers (so they tell us).


Dig through your couch cushions, purse, wallet, pants pocket, loose change jar, or the floor of your car, blah, blah, blah, and note the year printed on the first coin you find.

Nonfiction: Tell us the story of you or your family or friends that year.

Fiction: Tell us what you think you, your friends, family, associates, or your neighbors were doing that year.

Poetry: Seriously? You have to ask?